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transnational activism provides spaces to imagine and practice alternatives to neoliberal politics and its intoxicating cocktail of market deregulation, liberalisation, privatisation and state downsizing that punishes the world’s weakest people and the environment. this book maps recurring dynamics, visions and practices in transnational activist networks, in particular the world social forum. it also reflects on the alterglobalisation movement from the anti-wto protests in seattle at the end of 1999, from which the world social forum took shape, to the latest wave of protests and revolutions such as the arab spring, occupy wall street, the indignados.

this book is released under a creative commons licence and it is free. if you liked it, please feel free to buy us, its author and its publisher, a drink (or a meal if it changed your life or you won the lottery). we will consider your support an encouragement to continue experimenting more open and inclusive writing and publishing. this is one way in which you can contribute to our project (via to


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