Kiasma – Helsinki

I went to two exhibitions in my first exploration of Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art/Finnish National Gallery of Helsinki

Exhibition no. 1 5th Floor “Choosing My Religion” by Marta Liulia

An interesting exploration of the nine main world religions the outcome of which are two rather unsurprising suggestions:

1. Religions are necessary to give shape and order to chaos and Art can replace religion in this task

2. All religions have a fundamental trait in common… an animistic veneration of nature and its forces

Her work is not meant to be exposed exclusively in the cathedrals of her religion but his meant to be highly portable. it can be accessed on the Internet and even through mobile phones.

The overall aesthetics is sombre and profoundly introspective (as one would expect) but it tends to be constraint at times even predictable in its careful attempt not to escape canonical interpretations and recurrent (trite just as fundamental) debates.  To the extent that even the powerful observation of the servile role of women in religion tends to conflate religion (not necessarily exclusive) and its practices (historically – mostly – chauvinistic) and ends up creating a binary creation/diffusion that summarises the other binary male/female. In this sense men create and shape religious matters and women preserve and transmit those teachings as though creation and transmission were irreconcilable oppositions rather than fundamental components of the performance of culture (in this case gender and religion).

Exhibition n0. 2  4th Floor “Building Is Not a Building” by Ola Kolehmainen

Reflects and inspires reflection on the effect of cropping, removing, de-layering to the point that what is left are minimal representations (suggestions) of the space as opportunity to contemplate presence, form, space, discipline, iteration, transcendence.

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