“The field”

The field is the daily life in the Mumbai office and the contradiction between discourses of values and change and practices of management. Management discourses are a technique of normalization. 

I argue that the conflict between the said and the done, the values and the practice, the vision and the strategy and the same perception of their opposition constitute the condition of the transformation of the individuals involved and those exposed to those conflicts but marginal or external with respect to the action (through reports, debates and tales).

The first effect of escape from the movement were strongly sensed in the office when people started wondering what was this “new” world all about if it was marred in corruption, authoritarian leadership, inequality, etc.? 

(It would be great to organise the re-study of the office staff and volunteers, to see where they are now and how they “used” the WSF experience in their human development process). 


The role of movements as mediators in conflict transformation.

Movements as cultural mediators/critics 

Anthropologists at the interface of cosmologies

The cosmologies of movements (Keane, 2001 – Yearbook) (Lakoff, xxxx)

Epistemologies and Cosmologies – mediation and transformation

and one more thing:

interfaces, interconnections [and resulting geometries(spaces?)/dynamics(politics?)] between structure, agency and values

The field is WSF 2004 Mumbai office, but some of the reflections suggest a broader scope (for the next book: a comparison/critical analysis of the 68-69 and the 99-00 season of movements).

Been working for a while now, sketching mainly and taking notes. I’ve made this blog the potential introductory work for the book, so much more than just the SF-AAA article. All in order so far though due to the use of “categories” (!).

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